Portamento strange behavior - firmware 0.27

I dont get it. The behavior of the portamento is very strange.

If I play an A and then a D, the portamento only work to first time between the notes.

Is this a bug or have I missed somthing.

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I just discovered that It only works as it should when you are in Solo mode.

Should it not works in poly mode ?

I could be wrong, but I think portamento is generally a bit unpredictable in poly mode on any synth. I think what you’re hearing is that portamento is being applied to each voice individually. In this case of only triggering one voice repeatedly, once it’s done the slide from A to D once and you trigger the voice again, there’s no slide left if you retrigger the first voice (it would have to slide from D to D) and subsequent voices won’t have a prior pitch to slide from. If I wanted a consistent slide into any note/chord, I’d set up a pitch envelope, especially in poly mode.

They changed voice allocation method for poly modes with v0.27, and this ultimately changed (or broke, in my opinion) the portamento.

I wrote about this in other threads, so won’t repeat myself, but I really hope they can fix the voice allocation soon. It messed up 2-3 of my favorite uses for the synth …

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I liked the old voice allocation better and I was hoping they’d just allow us to control pan spread on that.


The voice rotation was sometimes all over the place, and would not do the predictable left-right motion, but still better behavior than the current methods that sounds like a mono synth, with voice retrigger on same note … Just weird…

No need to reinvent the wheel here really, could have just borrowed the pan spread/ voice rotation method from i.e. DSI OB6