Scott McAuley - Virtuality Vol.1 - 64 Fresh Custom Sounds

So, Here it is, my first pack of 64 Sounds for the amazing UDO Super 6, the synth is an absolute pleasure to program, play and hear! it sounds like no other synth I own or have heard.

No other effects were used in this demo apart from the two generative patches at the end I added some reverb to let you hear the two of them in context.

Hybrid Synths can achieve so much, with the state of the art FPGA digital hardware oscillators, the S6 sounds utterly amazing.

George Hearn and his team have done a remarkable job with this synth, and I feel there will be many many more banks coming from me for this one.

A mixture of classics, modern, dirty, beautiful and creamy sounds in this bank, I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed making them.

I used UDO Factory waveforms for this entire bank.

Next bank will contain some (if not all) SM custom Waveforms.

as always, thanks for checking them out.



Bought :+1:

That second patch/sequence @ 1:01 - SM BellWaltz.

Beautiful! :heart_eyes: Is that Interstellar inspired?

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Thanks! it wasn’t but i can hear exactly what you mean :slight_smile: