Sporadic issue with powering on the Super 6

Hi - is anyone experiencing an issue with powering on the device? Sometimes it powers up and other times it does not. It is like I need to turn it on/off several times and then randomly it will eventually power up. I disconnected it from midi as well and still experiencing the same issue. Anyone seeing the same?

Used to occasionally but not since last firmware update.

I’ve seen this mentioned in several places, but have yet to have this issue with mine

I have this same problem! Now my Super 6 Desktop unit will not power on at all! It is less than 4 months old. I noticed it right away but it got worse and now it won’t turn on. So disappointing for such an expensive unit. I have sent my dealer and the Udo support team an email. I tried different IEC cables and different fuses. I suspect a bad solder joint at the IEC internally but there’s no way I’m opening this thing up under warranty. Has anyone solved this?

Thanks for the reply @softroom - I’m running the latest firmware. It seems like more of a mechanical issue rather than logical software. Will keep this thread posted on what I discover.

Sorry to hear. Yes rather unfortunate. I agree, rather not open up a brand new synth to fix internal components.

@MattMarantz - if you let the on/off switch kind of hover in between for a second and then let it very slowly switch to on, does it behave any differently? It seems like that is my best chance at getting it to turn on, but still not every time.

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@MattMarantz - I’m also working with the UDO support team on this and will provide an update once I know more. Please let me know if you learn anything on your end.

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Hi JimmyM,

Wow cheers mate, that exact trick works on mine. If I switch the switch on like a normal one, quickly, it doesn’t turn on. If I slowly roll it into the on position it works. I think the problem is the IEC switch itself. I am also in touch with the support team. Too bad, I wish they’d caught this, will be sort of a pain to get it fixed around here. I could most definitely do it myself as I do DIY and have switched out many switches like this but I don’t want to do it if it involves taking all the switches off the front panel or something difficult… I wonder if it would be easy to open up and get to the switch for replacement.

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I’m in the same situation with needing a new IEC switch. Currently figuring out which path I’ll take to get it resolved. Wondering if it was just a bad batch of switches?

I thought I was the only one, or my cable was just bunk… I will reach out to support as well.

@16bitsound, any luck using this technique to turn it on?

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Hello Jimmy, I have not got to a point where I cannot get it to turn on, initially started as I would start 2 other synths on that stand and then wondered why Super 6 did not start, at first thought it was the cable and how I had it hooked up to the stand, I adjusted it a bit and seemed to make it less frequent of an issue. In the past 3 months I think it has only happen 3-4x, which definitely should not happen, in the back of my head I still thought I might have a cable issue, until I read this thread… So I may reach out to UDO to see what my options were, was hoping to see what results the rest of those before me posted here to determine next steps. Luckily has not stopped working, but could be on it’s way based on other’s feedback here.

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@16bitsound, @MattMarantz - sharing an update since it seems like we all may be experiencing the same issue. In working with UDO support, we’ve isolated root cause to be most probably a bad IEC switch. Next step is to send the synth in for repair. UDO support has been responsive and super helpful each step of the way so far. I’ll also note my synth is still under the warranty period. Please share how things go on your end.

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Sorry mates I forgot to update this thread til now- UDO support was very helpful and sent me a new IEC jack and video tutorial about how to take the unit apart to get to the insides. I do a lot of DIY so this was easy. Actually I was very impressed with how easy this synth is to service, everything was tied together with ribbon connectors and little molex connectors so nothing needed to be de-soldered, even the IEC jack was thankfully regular press fit crimp connectors on the wires. The IEC jack proved to be faulty and the new one works fine. I can turn the synth on and off easily now. Thanks! I may actually take the crimps off and see if that was the problem, maybe just a bad crimp on one of the IEC wires… Would be nice to save the part for another project but it might just be a bad part.


Hey Matt, that’s great news! Same for me, it was a faulty IEC switch and the power issue is completely resolved now after replacing it.

Hello there

I have the same issue with my brand new Super 6 Desktop. :disappointed_relieved:

Yesterday, It did not turn on : the red light were off.
But I could see an orange LED, lit, through the air vents, on a board, in the unit (at upper right).

As I waited for two and a half months for my Super 6, due to stock outage, I think it was made recently. So maybe it’s a different problem than IEC jack. :thinking:

Did you saw the orange LED too ?

Thank you.

Hi @Denony, UDO Support is top notch and will help get you back up and running. I recommend using the contact UDO support link on the site. Link here: Support › UDO Audio

Based on your description of the issue, it is possible it is the same issue, but also possible maybe something else. It seems like with the faulty IEC switch there has been a common behavior where if you actually roll it on slowly rather than quickly switching it on, it tends to “catch” and the unit successfully powers up. Give that a try and let us know if it works in the meantime while you get the issue sorted out.

Hello Jimmy

Thank you for you feedback.
At the moment, my Super 6 turn on fine since Friday night, but I will try your tip if won’t turn on again.

But I have just check the orange LED state. When the Super 6 is off, the orange LED is off too.
So, last Friday, when I turn it on, but all red lights where off, the orange light showed the Super 6 board was provided with electricity.

So maybe it wasn’t a hardware problem, but a boot problem.


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