Stand for Super 6?

I noticed the 6 has some holes in the bottom for some kind of stand or holding apparatus.
Anybody know of a particular unit designed for this available somewhere?

If you’re referring to the desktop version, then those are holes for a standard VESA mount, which is a common TV/monitor mounting solution. So monitor mounting arms mostly are what that would be for. Though I suppose you could wall mount it, the Super6 counts as art right?


Hi these are VESA compliant mount holes on a 75mm grid. A wide range of monitor and tv stands work. We recommend Ergotron brand. There is a wide variety including pole mount for keyboard stands.

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@Okke check this out: S6 Desktop - #34 by saysthetedd

Yes its exceptionally nice but wouldn’t work with my current desk. I got this for now

Right on, that one looks nice. Nice angle to it.

The floating spaceship arm definitely isn’t for everyone, just wanted to show you that you can use any Vesa mount arm/stand (75mm) you want!

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I am now getting a new desk. lol
NASA space arm might be in my future.