Rack Ears

Hi, looks like maybe a small detail was missed with the rack ears. The bolts need to be countersunk, using the already installed bolts that come with the Super 6 don’t work, they hit the racks in my cabinet and inhibit it from being installed. The holes for the rack ears are countersunk and require this. Need to send countersunk bolts with the shipments. Anyone have this issue?

Hi, the bolts should be countersunk you are correct. Why yours are not will be looked into. Please email support@udo-audio.com and we’ll send you some bolts if you need them.

Saving the creation of another thread here. Can anyone tell me how many rack units is needed to mount the Super 6 Desktop?

The desktop is 6U and if you use right angle connectors you should be able to mount another rack unit directly above

Thank you! That’s smaller than I expected. I have the ears here but no racks at the moment. Planning a new studio fitout!

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To future readers, it seems to be that the above advice is incorrect. As I try to fit the S6 Desktop into a rack, it’s more like 7U. It does not mount directly below another rack unit, even with right angle connectors, Maybe if you find very very low profile right angle connectors but none that I have tried will allow it. Also even with no cables attached, the unit with ears is more like 6.5U so do not spec a rack cabinet assuming on this can fit in 6U… like I did :cry: .