Super Gemini in Logic Pro

Is there a way to play both upper and lower parts over usb midi from logic. I have the gemini setup as and external midi instrument in logic but can only play one layer at a time. Will the Gemini receive on more than one midi channel at the same time from two instances within logic.

Should be in Logic as easy as in any other DAW:

  • Make sure the SG is in SPLIT mode
  • (please someone correct me if i’m wrong:) factory settings for MIDI channels should be 1 for the upper and 2 for the lower layer

That should be all that’s nessesary to play both layers independently.

I have the Gemini in split mode but have the midi channels set to 7 and 8 in logic and on the gemini but I can only play the upper layer. Will try it with midi channel 1 and 2 and see what happens.