Super Gemini with Hydrasynth Desktop

Hey all, I think the Super G would be a great controller for the Hydrasynth desktop. Anyone else have the Hydra desktop? I tried briefly but the ribbon was not working, any tips to get it going? I will update this thread as my experience improves.

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I use my super 6 at times to real-time control my jupiter-XM. For this to be successful, I have had to use a midi translator: BOME midi translator works well in my case. The super 6 outputs CC data, the Jupiter XM thrives on SysEx :)… Bome MTP performs the CC-SysEx and SysEx-CC translations perfectly.

That’s interesting, I have Bome and will look into it this weekend.

Please let us (the forum) know how you get on with BOME and your Hydrasynth