Transceive Patch Bank - 64 new high quality patches


Would you share them with me also please?
Big thanks!


Could you also send patches to ?

Thank you so much!

Check your emails guys, it’s from a address, not my personal personal one so also check your spam.

Pay your respects, spread the love, and enjoy.


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If you could also pass along the 3 patch banks to that’d be hugely appreciated. Thanks in advance @Mauro :heart:

If its no trouble, I’d appreciate the patch library as well. Thank you kindly

At least three others have received these patches now, so would be nice to see somebody other than Mauro or myself spreading the love and respect :+1:t2:

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I got my patches, thank you guys! I will share the love when its needed. Thank you again

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Hi kind Udo 6 sharing transceive patch bank.

Please send link to

Many thanks



can someone send me a link to


@Phunkmonk or anyone else, could you please forward the patches to
I promise to do the same for others.
:pray: Thank you so much

Hello, could some share them with me at
thanks Dan Mayer


If someone can send me the Transceive patches banks, it would be awesome

Here is my email

Thank you so much