V1 firmware bugs? velocity mod source

I’m having some strange things with firmware V1. i’m writing down a list to report fully, but the biggest one so far is that
velocity routings in the mod matrix have no effect any more. Even something like routing velocity to filter cutoff does not do anything.

PB also has zero effect in mod matrix routings, and i have not had any results trying to modulate mix. Since some people did report that that works, and it seems unlikely anyone would let such bugs pass in beta testing, i’m guessing this might be a problem with my unit, or specific previous firmware or production runs.

Could you try re-entering bootloader mode to ensure the update is completed? Simply turn off the Super 6 and turn it on again while holding down the SHIFT button. Once only the SHIFT button LED is flashing, release SHIFT and power cycle the Super 6 again.

I tried that to no avail. Is there a way to downgade and upgrade again? i tried copying the 3.0 firmware onto the bootloader, but it doesn’t go into firmware loading mode when i power cycle.

There’s no downgrade from this version. Could you send us a message to support@udo-audio.com?

@Black_Materia it’s important that the firmware file on disk matches the firmware in flash as the FPGA uses this file. Downgrade is no longer possible so if you’ve copied xos_v1.0.bin to disk and performed the update, please make sure xos_v1.0.bin remains on the disk. Copying an earlier firmware file to disk will not revert to this firmware, the unit will run but may not function correctly until the xos_v1.0.bin file is restored to the drive.

Okay, good news, i think. I might have found the problem with my S6 after the update:
Somehow after the update, things had changed in the global settings menu: MPE now has three leds instead of one
(Please update the manual!)

No idea what these do, but the first one was lit, while the next two were blinking. I set that one to blinking, and sudddenly manually routing things via the mod matrix works again!
It’s late and i cannot fully test and verify atm, but i believe this was the culprit.

So if anyone has this problem, check globals and make sure your MPE settings haven’t changed by themselves.

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The three MPE options have been implemented since firmware version 0.52. They are explained on page 104 of the manual.

Unfortunately, the problem has come back. I’m talking to support, will post an update if they find a way to fix this properly.

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Unfortunately same problem here!

If for some reason the MPE settings are the cause of your issue, be aware that those settings are per patch, not global.

Same issue… and others

Well, if it’s any consolation, the upside it, they will need to adress it quicker if multiple people have the problem.
Bit of a shame, i was so looking forward to the release day, and instead i’ve got a, S6 out of order (hopefully) for a little while.

Maybe they can invite some of us to the beta program? I’ve a feeling that just making an identical copy of the firmware in beta named 1.1b could solve the issue.

i don’t know how but It seems solved on my unit!