What should George & team make in the future!?

I would also be interested in this!

The more I think about it the more I feel that UDO really need to get both the S6 and Gemini software and hardware fully mature, robust and hopefully exceeding customer expectations before producing another product.
Maybe the best way forward is to gain a strong reputation for supporting its customers and adding value and extend the life of each synth by providing , over time updates to customise their synth to meet future requirements for example on going support via a mix of free and paid for upgrades including a fully working programmer , more voices, more patch & wavetable memory etc , poly aftertouch key-bed , add reverb to the basic effects structure , just update both synths as new technology’s come on line.


George acknowledged in another thread that his firmware progress is ‘glacial’ but also said UDO have just hired a new embedded programmer. I think we’ll see much more frequent updates moving forwards. Fingers crossed!

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Something like the SH-101 would be nice.

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If you do a poly after touch kit, it would be great if you did the cost of the upgrade kit equal to the updated cost of the Super 6 with a poly after touch keyboard already installed. This way you avoid kicking the early adopters in the gut. This is what Bricasti did when the M7 was updated from V1 to V2. Kept the owners happy with their units and happy with the brand.

Personally I would rather see development of a new product but if you’re going to do it, that would be a nice way to do it.

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Hi George and the team,

If I was to suggest something it would be to build on the amazing evolving sounds you can already get from both Super 6 and Gemini but add more Envelope/LFO sources so that once you’ve got Envelope 1/2 programmed in for Filter/Amp you can keep LFO 1 doing it’s binaural magic but then add extra envelopes to control things like Super DDS Depth, Wave Scanning, Resonance etc.

I would also love to see/hear a different filter type options as mentioned previously.

Finally I would also LOVE to see your take on a granular synthesiser. Not sure if that’s something you’re into but some kind of Tasty Chips meets UDO oscillators kind of thing would be epic!

Since FPGAs are your specialty, how about an FPGA-based drum synth? Kick, rim, snare, clap, granular synth engine, hats, toms, cymbals. Perfect tuning for kick drum and toms, snare. An FPGA-based sampler? Is that possible? We don’t need more synths atm. The market is flush. Mungo eurorack modules use FPGAs and the resolution is stunning. He makes granular, delay, convolution modules so it must be possible with this tech.

  • Physical modeling synthesis with a focus on partial modulation.

  • motorized knobs and sliders. Having a physical representation of a preset makes patches so much more tweakable.


Since we are on wishlist items:
An UDO FPGA sampler with variable bit rate, Akai type stretching, and Synclavier type resynthesis. Delivered in a package the size of the blank space on the side of the gemini!


Sort out the bugs on the S6 and all issues with the Gemini before you allocate valuable resources to yet another product , UDO really do not want a reputation for launching expensive bug ridden products into a very competitive market.


Well said Andrew

Sort out the bugs on the S6

Would be interested in a UDO Mixer (with binaural effects) Drum Machine (like the Perkons HD01) or Super Gemini that’s fully motorized…even at a much higher price.


Even if not having a display sounds like an assumed design choice wrt the Super serie, I’m thinking about something like a mini Low Frequency Expander, in order to have a display which will provide information/values about the mod matrix and other parameters and maybe some other features.
Of course, it would be compatible with the whole Super serie.