Why can’t i get good sounds from the udo

What sounds can and can’t this synth make. All i get is pads. Is it possible to make plucky sounds on it? Like snappy filtered trancy sounds?
What am i missing… maybe not the synth for it?

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I will say, I find it trickier on pluck sounds as well. I normally use ENV 2 as the amp envelope and the release can be tough to get right. It sounds quite short right up to about 35 - 50%, and then swells like crazy after a certain point. I love the sound of the crazy release on pads/strings, but not on anything more percussive.

My technique is normally to dial in the release around 35 - 50%, depending on the sound.

What are other people’s techniques on more snappy/percussive sounds? Would love to hear.

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Thanks for this but i know adsr ofcourse. Or is there something else i need to see on that clip?

Every synth has its strengths and weaknesses, I feel that although UDO can do bass / plucky sounds they are lacking in bite to me, something missing when compared to what I can so easily get out of my Pulse2 (pure analog synth with aggressive filters) but when it comes to pads , drones and ambient type sounds nothing beats the S6

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Some options you can try:

  1. Use modulation source ENV1 to modulate ENV1-D by -100% amount and set ENV1 to a plucky curve.
  2. Set VCF-ENV switch to 1+2 then set ENV1 and ENV2 to a plucky curve.

** Self publicity alert **
Most of this album was done jointly on a Super 6 and Jupiter 6. I find the soup great for plucky sounds, bass and the whole range really, but obviously ‘good sounds’ will always be a matter of personal taste. If there’s anything here you think sounds OK I’m happy to send you my current bank of patches. The only proviso is that I don’t often save stuff and most of the sounds will have been done in Manual mode…

You can listen online but if anyone wants a download code just drop me a pm, that way I don’t feel like I’m using the forum for my own evil gain.

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