Brand New Super Gemini strange malfunction.....did I get a Dud?

Two last thoughts:

Ask Ben to email you an INIT file. I still wonder if your onboard INIT file got overwritten. Sorry, I thought I saw it once for download on the site.

Can you plug a midi controller into the midi INPUT of the SG…one that has AT. Does the synth respond to AT from external midi? Two things there, it might clear out any latent midi message that’s suppressing AT. And, it might help you realize that it’s the keyboard connection inside the synth, and not the synth itself, which is the problem….could be a ribbon that needs reseating or replacing, assuming the synth section responds to midi AT.

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Excellent idea I will try that now… cheers

Ron, thank you for the great tip. Yes, my Hydro synth in poly to touch does create poly after touch in the super Gemini so it’s not the brain. I guess it’s some kind of ribbon. I tried to look with a flashlight inside and it looks like all the cables are there, but I don’t wanna take it apart. It seems like quite a bit of work at least for me so I guess it’s gonna have to go back in…Again thank you for all your help

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That’s actually comforting, because it isolates the problem to something relatively simple. It’s either the ribbon connection from the keybed, to the motherboard, or perhaps the AT strip itself. Be sure to let Ben know. He should now have a direct path to get that fixed straight away.

BTW, opening the unit is very simple and fast, about 8 screws (on the bottom and end caps of the unit), and the top (with all the controls) is hinged, so you just remove the screws and lift the top panel. Very easy. Not scary. You really can’t mess anything up. No need to disassemble anything, not even the end caps on the synth. If it were me, I’d open her up and wiggle/reseat the ribbons(after getting authorization from Ben so as not to void your warranty).

Good luck. Glad I could be of some small help.

Thank you, Ron that really helped a lot. You’ve helped me a lot through this process and I appreciate that. Ben and the GSF Agency has reached out to me. They have been very supportive as of now, I’m going to get a new unit as there are other issues with this one for instance on start up I have to power cycle it every time. initial start up shows no sound or it freezing. I think we’ve all decided that. I’ll just get new unit with the latest fixes and start again. I’ve had a lot of issues with this one….cheers

Glad to hear you’re going to get a new one! You certainly appear to deserve it! Once working properly, it’s a gem of a synth! There is nothing on the market quite like it.

Thank you, Ron. I appreciate that the whole UDO support team has been very cool… I look forward to getting a new one. It definitely does sound amazing. Wishing you lots of peace and love.

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This definitely is sensitive to power supply and warm-up period - I will continue to monitor and then report. Perhaps UDO can help us understand where root cause of the issue is (though I now suspect).

I will check, I have new power supply external. Battery-backup so we will see if it is just the same or better.

I have sent a note to support. What I found is that after being off for a while, it does not do it but then, eventually it does. I suspect something temperature or voltage related. I will test this out with an external MIDI controller just to see what happens. I have also ordered a battery backed power supply 1500W with line filters and designed to get clean power to audio gear. I saw the voltage in home vary from 116 put o121 volts (I am in the USA) so wondering if that also plays some role. I currently connect the Super Gemini to a regular power strip with surge filter but I am going to try out things. Thank you for responding!

Also in the US, still waiting for mine (reseller seems to have returned the entire batch to UDO.)

US power is pretty dirty and variable, so an instrument without a good power supply is definitely an issue over here, it basically needs to be able to handle 100-240V ideally, and provide stable/clean power internally. I’m assuming the SG does not use AC power anywhere inside.

Anyway, battery power shouldn’t really be necessary for a piece of gear in this price category for powering it reliably, maybe for noise reduction which is a completely different issue.