Initialize Sequence

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New Super 6 user here and LOVING it!

I have a question about the sequencer. Let’s say I created a 32 step sequence using two pages and then I decided I wanted to start completely over and change it to be a 16 step sequence. Is there an easy way to totally initialize a sequence or remove a range of steps?



Oh man, I totally missed this one. Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks @Paolo for helping out! You can also easily edit the length by pressing REC …Length choosing Page 1 (ARP Range selects pages) and pressing Bank H (16th step) this will curtail the length to 16 steps (or any other length) without clearing it

Hello, I was wondering if there is a way to replace a single step with note data with an empty step? Should I use the REST function to achieve this or is there a way to erase a single step?