SEQUENCER: Clear Step Note for Single step

Hi there. As per the title - I am flummoxed by something I imagine must be obvious. I do read the manual (too often!)

How do I quickly clear the contents of a single step whilst in the Sequencer without clearing a whole sequence.

Specifically the note content (I can toggle the rest), but if I cock it up or want to change a note I seem to only overwrite the note on the step and end up with multiple notes on the step?


Hey @toby, if you toggle to “step” on the SEQ REC section, you should be able to edit any step of the section. If you press the step you want to edit, it’ll begin blinking and then you can key in a new notes(s). If you want to mute a step, then you can toggle to the “mute” section of the SEQ REC and select the steps you want muted. Also, might be worth double-checking the length of your sequence as you may actually be accidentally adding notes to the 17th+ step and hearing them play back. Let us know if this helps.

Thanks Jimmy.

I know I can EDIT to ADD notes. BUT how do I CLEAR a single step and DELETE the already entered notes? Essentially CLEAR STEP. not CLEAR SEQUENCE.

Not Mute I get that.

Sorry, correction: I meant “rest” instead of mute. I’m not sure how to clear a single step, but I typically just use a rest if I don’t want to hear a particular step.