Microtuning ability

Is MTS or tuning tables or any microtuning ability on the roadmap? Been really hoping for a firmware update bringing this ability. Would give this fantastic synth more depth!

Even more important than that would be a fine tune control for DDS2, at least for me.

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My Juno-60 with Tubbutec midi mod has the ability to import up to 4 scales from Scala, which works well, regardless of the lack of screen and the fact that it is a mod for an existing synth.
I don’t use it often though. Just chiming in here to say it would be a nice future feature :slight_smile:

I agree, but MPE would be enough to implement micro tuning, via vst. You could use ODDSOUND for that. Also, MTS would be nice to be implemented

Beautiful music.
Thanks for sharing

scala support would be well good…

Does anyone use their S6 with Ableton? There is a Max 4 Live device for doing microtunings, and it is pretty full featured (you can load scala files, adjust individual pitches by cents, morph between two scales, and other cool stuff). I want to try it but can’t seem to find a manual for the device online and all of the video tutorials use the device with a soft-synth, so there is no step by step guide on using it with an external instrument. Also, you have to set the pitch-bend range of the device so that it corresponds with the synth you are using. The only two values for that range are 24 or 48, and I do not know which to choose for the S6. Anyways, I’m just curious if anyone has used this microtuner device with their S6 and if so how did it go?

Hello Guys,
Is micro tuning now implemented in the super 6?