Permanent beta?

Of course, I imagined that when you go through the same saved value, it would start to change, but the Tektronix thing is interesting… thank you very much!

I’ve stopped counting how many times I had to turn my Super 6 Desktop off and on again to get it to work again. :rage:
This time, it was the TEMPO knob that no longer responded (until I “powercycled” my Super 6) ! :nauseated_face:
Every time I turn it on to play, I wonder what problem will happen. :disappointed_relieved: Most of my problems are random. It’s difficult to open a ticket, because I don’t know how to reproduce them.
But, for a device that costs €2,220, I don’t find it serious at all to show so many issues. :rage:
Should we give the future version of firmware 0.90 a chance or sell it now, I seriously ask myself this question, after less than 4 weeks with my brand new Super 6 Desktop . :thinking:
Maybe the Super 6 Keyboard is more stable because it has less communication with others MIDI devices ? I don’t know.
Nevertheless, I do not recommend it to anyone, even if it sounds superb. :hushed:

Hi @Denony, assuming you have already been in contact with UDO support, but if not, I recommend connecting with them by sending an email to Their team is very responsive and will be committed to getting you taken care of.

In terms of your setup, would you mind sharing a bit more? Using it with a DAW? Midi in? Are you using another device’s clock? Wondering if you can attempt to isolate when issues occur and when they do not? Let us know.


I totally agree. I own a number of Elektron devices that I really like, but my biggest gripe with Elektron as a company is that they’re so incredibly secretive. Seeing internal meeting posts like these show up on the Elektronauts forum would be totally unheard of. I realise that you don’t want to promise a lot of things or reveal features that competitors can steal, but there’s a middle ground between that and not saying anything at all regarding future directions.

From what I’ve seen of UDO Audio, they seem to be quite open regarding what they work on, if you dig around for it on the forum, but I would love for them to be even more structured in this openness. For example, the developers of Microsoft Flight Simulator make regular blog posts in their forum, talking about what they currently are working on.

Now, if UDO audio were to do this, I don’t think it would have to be especially complicated or time consuming. Simply posting some meeting notes like was done above would go a really long way towards convincing users like me that I haven’t bought into vaporware. In fact, that post alone by @udo-audio probably made the difference between me keeping and me returning my Super 6 desktop unit that I recently bought (and judging from the number of likes on the post, it seems like a lot of other people really liked it as well).

I made a suggestion here to start to use the Announcement category of this forum more regularly and consistently.


Hello JimmyM

I use my Super 6 Desktop (firware 0.53) with an Arturia Keystep 37 (firmware 1.1.6) or a MPC One (firmware 2.10.2). Not both MPC One (named MPC1 below) or KeyStep 37 (named KS37 below) are connected to the Super 6 Desktop (named S6D below) at the same time. I use MIDI DIN olny (no USB).

I do not use my S6D with a Computer.

Issues raised with KS37 connected to MIDI IN of S6D : (more details here : ARP Not Responsive in ABLETON After I Stop Track)

  • S6D cannot does no synchronise to KS37 clock [reproducible issue]
  • S6D ARP suddenly stop to work and cannot be enable until powercycle [random Issue]

Issues raised with KS37 connected to both MIDI IN and OUT of S6D :

Issues raised with MPC1 connected to MIDI IN of S6D :

  • All upper panel faders and knobs suddenly stopped to respond, until powercycle [random issue - More details here : Upper panel knobs and faders suddenly irresponsives]
  • S6D TEMPO knob suddenly stopped to respond, until powercycle [random issue]
  • S6D does not synchronise to MPC1 clock (or does not understand MPC1 clock?) [reproducible issue] But this issue does not exist with my others synths and same MPC1 settings (Roland Boutique synths).
  • Sometime S6D resets to the first preset (not sure it is always the first one) when I press “Play” on MPC1. [random issue]

Only power cycle resolve the issues. I tried the reset procedure (hold MANUAL for 5 secondes and wait for auto-calibration complete), but it does not solve the problems.

My S6D is brand new (4 weeks old).

It’s so frustrating not being able to say “I’m going to enjoy playing with my S6D”, but rather wondering “What’s the problem with my S6D this time ?..”. :disappointed_relieved:

Hi @Denony - sorry to hear. Something to consider potentially is that since it sounds like there are many variables in the setup that depend on correct global settings across multiple devices, might be worth spending some time digging in deep to understand different settings in isolation to see how they behave with one another, if you haven’t already been on that journey. From my own learnings, there have been times I was “certain” it is one thing and it turns out to be “something else” and many “ah-ha” moments. In any case, if all else fails and it turns out to be a hardware/software issue, connect with the support team and keep us posted on how things go! You may end up identifying a bug or two that helps out S6 players for decades to come :smile:


Hello @JimmyM

Thank you for your support.

For the issues that are reproducible every time (clock problems) I really tried to understand what is happening by doing several tests, modifying the settings of the Super 6, the KeyStep and the MPC One. But I did not resolve them. Other forum members have tried and had the same problem with clock and KeyStep 37 (see ARP Not Responsive in ABLETON After I Stop Track - #18 by waxdoctor)

Oh, boy! Thanks for the nudge again - this change would absolutely change my sound design on the S6 immensely for the better. Please, please try to throw this into the next release/beta release, UDO team!

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I would like to state again one of the most vital thing this synth is missing is an indicator of currently stored position.
The DSI/sequential approach is so simple, and shouldn’t be that hard to implement:
when moving a certain slider or knob, one specific led will either turn on, or blink rapidly when that controller is in the position that is currently the saved one.

I don’t need warping, or pickup behaviour. Just a way of figuring out a knobs exact programmed position after it has been changed or a patch reloaded.
The amount of work & time spent trying to re-engineer my own patches is just frustratingly ridiculous.

i cannot overstate how important this kind of thing is for this synth. All the other things are minor bugs, or feature wishlist requests.


It’s funny how many different thoughts there are on this matter. I guess it comes down to how you use the synth. For me, what you listed is not important at all really. Rather, being able to modulate the VCA, having freely assignable polyphonic expression control, and having patches that loads really fast are what’s so important that I cannot overstate it :man_shrugging:


What for exactly though? There is an editor that does this I think.

I would like warp the best. Anything else anal retentive, this is supposed to be hands on synth who is value matching their own patches??

What I don’t understand in general is why not just do small firmware patches/bug fixes (point releases) instead of waiting for a major version update.
With the known bugs, one approach could be to work through them one by one and have point releases more frequently.
This would show progress and SuperSixists would start to be happy and not so skeptical about whether a new firmware version is coming at all.
I don’t know what kind of code is used and if it is even possible with this kind of code/programming, or if it is not so easy because it is about firmware and not software, and therefore you have to wait until a larger number of bugs come together(plus new features ideas) and then release a big update.
So please bear with me if what I’ve written is all rubbish. But I ain’t no programmer just a kind of super6-dreamer :wink:

I agree. And as you’re saying, there might be some perfect legitimate, technical reason why it’s not really possible, a philosophy of not overwhelming the user with updates, or maybe something else that’s totally sensible.

What I would love to have is transparency about the applied method, and if part of that method is to not be transparent about the method, at least be transparent about that (i.e., “we’re not going to talk about our view on point releases”).

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Once you start using things like audiorate modulation, filter fm and multiple modulation routings (for example 3 sources, plus pedal and bendwheel all modulating the same destination) the position of knobs becomes super important, and the behaviour & tuning will be very different. Plus the resolution is so high, just breathing on a fader will change the sound. Often i might want to use a patch i made earlier as a starting off point, or figure out how i got a particular result in a patch to transfer the idea to a new patch. Yes i’m quite perfectionist, but it gets me results. And there’s a good reason most synths have some kind of implementation of this.

It is nice to see the user base excitement because I, too, have been impatiently waiting for a VCA gain modulation update for over 6 months. I am the sax/wind synth player mentioned in the feature request update… Thanks George for chiming in and letting us know you are working on it.

In regards to the knob position of the S6 for patch recall- Personally I don’t think it is possible on this unit. If I were you I would just use a software editor to tweak previously made patches. Load the patch and tweak on the computer. Obviously not the way the synth was designed, but without encoders ala DSI and a screen, I don’t see how one would ever be able to put stuff back in exact positions for recall especially with modifiers in the mix. I plan on using a software editor for most duties honestly… I have enjoyed creating patches on the S6 but all too often they didn’t get saved and get lost or I want to do the same as you and tweak from a starting point and that isn’t really the strength of the S6. It is however a gorgeous sounding synth with a lot of potential.

When I bought the synth I will admit I didn’t know it was unfinished. It wasn’t made clear to me by the retailer and I didn’t know about this forum until I bought the unit and began to have questions and couldn’t get VCA gain to respond to aftertouch, etc. I will admit I felt a bit weird about it. It was expensive and it is not finished. My unit’s IEC jack was also faulty and intermittent from day one. They were very good about supporting that and I got a spare part sent to me and it works now. But I am beginning to feel impatient as well. I want to use it to its full potential for my use case and perform live with it. Right now I can’t. Hoping for an update soon.


I feel your pain. For me, it’s been a longer wait and only the Soup’s lovely tones and clear UI has kept it still here - and probably will regardless of how long updates take. My (main) issue is that every two oscillator synth I’ve ever owned has given me a fair degree of control over fine detuning between the oscs - except this one. The Jupiter 6, on which much of the UI is surely based, handles osc detune beautifully and I’m frankly amazed it isn’t more of an issue for more people. But this just shows we’re all very different, which must put pressure on a developer trying to keep a growing user base happy. (Was anyone crying out for that delay freeze thing though?) Of course, if the instrument were released in a ‘finished’ form, we’d all know the score and just have to live with it or not.
Anyway, as with the Osmose, I’ve waited this long so I’ll wait longer. It’ll be worth it and I’ll try and keep my moans to an annual schedule from now on. :wink: