Poly aftertouch keybed retrofit kit for Super 6

I think he needs it to see where to place his “licks”. ;))
such a great player (& band), wow

Fair enough. He’s a great player so I guess he’s allowed his quirks :blush:

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“…Duty should be nul in all EU shipments…”

For that, from my understanding, we need the receipt to specify the product is of English origin. Thanks to a post Brexit agreement between EU and UK, in this case, there is no custom duty from UK to EU import.

I haven’t checked in yet, as the starter of this post.

Pretty amazing stuff UDO, from us all consolidating our interest to a product on the market in less than 6 months whilst simultaneously supporting the recent release of Gemini and getting the Super 8 out the door and (!) finishing Super 6 firmware 1.0. Thank you so much for making this happen :pray:. I ordered mine minutes after receiving the news email.

Couple of questions, and if the answer’s "no’ to each then no problem, these would just be bonuses:

  • Are you commissioning any new presets either for firmware 1.0 or for the poly AT upgrade? Obviously I make my own but it’s always interesting to hear what other people come up with. Maybe Hazel Mills or Gaz Williams have some to share? :grinning:
  • Will the upgraded S6 transmit any MPE data over MIDI? Could it be used as an MPE controller?

Thanks again. Really looking forward to my upgrade.

Weirdly enough the main thing I wanted to know, after a sense of how it feels (I know, impossible to convey really), is: will the aftertouch from the left hand controls and the matrix be automatially mapped from channel to poly? In other words, will the synth sense what it has present and everything ‘just work’? Would not want the same as for current MPE where you have to reprogram each patch specifically.

Yes, it will be interesting to see the actual implementation.

As for feel, I like the existing keybed but I play on weighted keys a lot so I’m also curious how it will change the playing experience.

I assume the upgrade is reversible.

I would expect it to just work, using the same mod source as existing channel aftertouch.

MPE is different. And there is hardly any advantage to a synth that has a poly AT keyboard being able to send in MPE mode instead. You arent gaining any of the additional dimensions of expression that MPE offers, and thus transmitting poly aftertouch MIDI messages instead is just as good. The only advantage to an MPE mode for sending from such a keyboard is if you happen to have any synths, sequencers, DAWs etc that for some reason do support MPE but dont support MIDI poly aftertouch messages.

Ah cool, I do get confused with this issue.

Yes, I mean, will the poly AT keybed transmit data to an external instrument that can respond to/has polyphonic aftertouch?

No problem, its increasingly common to see MPE and PolyAT conflated these days, even though the details of the MIDI messages involved are quite different.

The main question is a good one, and I would certainly find it much easier to justify upgrading if it had been confirmed that PolyAT is transmitted from the synth. Its tempting to always assume it will be, because otherwise you dont just lose out on controlling other polyAT synths - you also lose the ability to record your playing session in its full glory as MIDI data in a DAW etc, to later be played back to repeat the performance on the Super 6. But in reality its still not a 100% safe assumption to make so we do need to hear official confirmation of this, cheers.

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My Nord Piano 5 has triple sensors in the key mechanism, allowing you to not have to fully release a key to trigger that note again, but it doesn’t transmit those not quite released but played notes over MIDI … which is as dumb as a brick :roll_eyes:

Bumping from a related thread: I am wondering if these retrofit kits will ONLY be offered as a preorder or if they will be available after they start shipping in August? Would love to see some install videos from users before pulling the trigger. <3


Hi, yes they will be available. We will serve all preorders first, then release the remainder for general sale. Demand has been strong, and we’ve pre sold about 50% of them so far.

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Are the printed instructions ready to see yet?

@dcjams Printed instructions for retrofit are in progress. We’ll put them up as soon as they’re ready

Im waiting on the same. If there was already one, I’d have already preordered. It looks simple, but this is the only synth I’ve ever owned and I don’t wanna make any assumptions.

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It looks simple to do, looking at the pictures my guess its only a matter of undoing the 3 screws on each side panel and a few on the base which would allow you to flipp the top up then you will need to remove a few additional screws on the base to enable the existing key-bed to be removed plus disconnect three ribbon cables and the existing aftertouch control board which will need to be removed . it should be a simple matter of installing the new poly AT key-bed and its related control board / its ribbon cables.
UDO say that it is an easy task and if I am anywhere near the correct then it just a matter of taking your time and there really should be no issues with the swap. As I have preordered mine all I can say is that I hope that UDO’s software upgrade really works and is not bug filled when the poly AT key-bed is installed.

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Is there any rough ETA for delivery of these in the UK? Last I read I think it was sometime in August?

Yes, we’re finalising the instructions and still on course for August deliveries. We’ll circulate the instructions shortly