Super 6 Firmware v1.0 - Thoughts on the changes

yeah the velocity seems so much better with the firmware update but its buggy. Ive noticed when I turn on amplitude dynamics while I have velocity mapped to cutoff frequency, when I release a note its as if theres a new envelope behaviour on the cutoff like it gradually opens in a release phase. Sorry if thats not clear

update: yes I tried applying dynamics to an init patch and the dynamics makes the envelope 1 modulate the cutoff even tho the env fader is completely down. I also reinstalled the firmware and it was the same

Have you emailed support with these findings? Best to do so as I’m sure @udo-audio doesn’t hang out in here all day. :slightly_smiling_face:

I will. Does anyone have the init patch from the previous firmware please? I accidentally deleted it and unfortunately its not included with the new firmware for some reason.

actually I reinstalled the firmware and tuned the filters and the problem SEEMS to have gone away

I have the noisy chorus, too. Has this been fixed with 1.1?

no, I experienced it on 1.1

spoke to soon, when I apply dynamics to the VCA it applies filter envelope to the cutoff in reverse polarity. Does anyone else have this behaviour? I’ve installed it 3 times now. Have sent the report to support.

Also dont know if this is related but just leaving the super 6 sitting there on every now an then theres a massive crackle for seemingly no reason. Is this something anyone else has experienced? It could well be something to do with my mains but never had it before. It happens very rarely btw, like with half an hour between.

development: this dynamics behaviour only happens with binaural turned off. Think thats why I thought the problem had been solved.

what kind of noise is it? like a loud crack? I think my noise problem is related to the amp envelope level which when set too high can cause nasty clipping and maybe the new velocity curve has affected that, I dont know for sure tho.

It‘s a constant noise floor, not a crack

ah ok thats unrelated to my problem then :+1:

I finally got a chance to load 1.x and try the new changes. The mix as mod destination is huge and opens up the s6 even more for soundscape noodling (I’m more of an engineer than a keys player).

I also love the dummy-friendly dds2 tuning - I think it fits in more with the design ethos, encouraging changing it on the fly whilst playing.

I don’t know if it is my imagination but the octave switch used to have a slight delay that seems to have disappeared. Super happy with all of the changes

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Installed the latest FW 1.2.
Now velocity curve on my S6 keyboard is perfect, thank you!
Hope will be the same on the Supertouch 49 I ordered.


I just updated from 1.0, right to 1.2, and while I think I can feel the improvement, my only complaint about the Super 6 was that I could not use it to play instruments in my DAW because the velocity curse was too drastic and took almost nothing to max out the velocity. I feel like 1.2 is much better, but I’m afraid I still must use my Prophet 5 when I need to play anything where I want to control the velocity, like virtual pianos.

On the Prophet you can reliably hit the higher velocities and stay within a small range until you max it out, and you have hit the white keys quite a bit harder to max them out. What I’m noticing on the Super 6 is that it jumps around a lot and I am maxing out the velocity intermittently while playing harder. This makes smoothly rolled chords nearly impossible.

It just falls short of being my all-rounder for virtual instruments, which makes me a little sad because it’s sitting on my desk as my premier controller. I hate to complain with all these wonderful updates, and I even preordered the MPE weighted keyboard, but I’m really hoping there’s a little improvement yet to be offered in the velocity response curve, especially in the top 20% range. Not that UDO has every synth sitting around, but IMO the Prophet really does it as well as I have ever experienced.

Otherwise, I am loving all the new firmwmare updates, and I am so so very grateful for this wonderful instrument!

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Updated the desktop today. Everything is so tight. Program changes are so snappy now. Velocity curves sound nice on my desktop version here. Sounds more delicate on velocity. Thanks for the hotfixes UDO team. I’m glad I held on to my s6.


No wavetable scanning yet ? :smiling_face_with_tear: