Super 6: I just updated firmware and patches with my iPad, and it worked fine

Hi, I’d like to share that I just updated the Super 6 firmware, and I replaced all the patches with the Mega Pack ones, using the Files app on my iPad, and it worked without issues, so it is an option for people that use the iPad as their main PC.

A couple of things happened, but they were expected:

  • when deleting the previous firmware and files, I also had to delete them from the “recently deleted files” folder (basically, the Files app Trash);
  • when uploading the patches, it stopped short of one bank (F1, but I doubt it matters) because the space was not available, so I power cycled the Super 6 to get rid of the metadata files that I guess iPadOS creates, similarly to what macOS does; one power cycle was sufficient, then I was able to copy the last folder.

As mentioned, these were expected, so everything went well :wink: