Sync Super6 with EH 8step program

Hi there!

I am running an ElectroHarmonix 8Step Program as a midi- slave beside my Super6, in order to have a further, external modulation source through Expr.IN.

Theoretically the EH8stp. should run perfectly synchronious and start automatically when starting the arpeggiator or sequencer on super 6 by pressing ON first and a key/chord afterwards.
However this does not work in 95% of cases.

First the start command is not transmitted properly by S6 (Sequencer on EH8 does not start). In some cases the sequencer on EH8 starts properly, however does not run synchronous. So there appears to be a star signal issue and a timing issue as well.

S6 is set to SHIFT+SYNC/ExtClk 1+3 ON; 2+4 OFF

The EH8 is brand new and works absolutely perfect (also in time!) when beeing sequenced by my DAW (Studio1) through midi.

Something appears to be buggy with start/stop/timing at my brandnew white Super6 (latest firmware V0.53)

BG Mike

To add to my last comment:

With Shift+Sync/ExtClk 1+3 ON, the EH8 now is starting and running in most instances. However not always and it is still not running in sync.