UDO Super 6 start / stop sequencer from external equipment, tell me how to set it up

Thank you very much for the wonderful synth UDO Super 6
I have a question:
Please tell me - how to make the super 6 sequencer start from an external signal? I can’t understand how. Clock sync it receives from the electron, I press shift + external sync + press the button 1,2 and 3, but the sequencer does not start itself from the external clock.
BRM sync works, but start stop does no

Hooray! Solution found. Who uses elektrons synth as a master clock, you need to set trk ch in his port settings in output ch, then start stop works fine and keeps the desired clock.

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There are two subtly different way the s6 can respond to start stop messages

I’m lazily pasting the manual addendum here but this is the bit you want!

External MIDI Clock Settings
Once you press SHIFT and SYNC you will be able to define how the Super 6 is going to respond to an external MIDI clock source

• PATCH SELECT BUTTON 1: With this option enabled (LED solidly lit), MIDI clock signals will be sent.

• PATCH SELECT BUTTON 2: With this option enabled (LED solidly lit), MIDI clock signals will be received. On top of that, the Super 6 will respond to MIDI Start and MIDI Stop messages.

• PATCH SELECT BUTTON 3: (arpeggiator note output not relevant to this thread)

• PATCH SELECT BUTTON 4: With this option enabled (LED solidly lit), the HOLD button “arms” the sequencer while the latter will wait for a MIDI Start message to start playback. In this mode, the sequencer will stop playback when a MIDI Stop message is received, even if the external MIDI clock is still running.

When this option is disabled (LED flashing), the HOLD button starts and stops the sequencer asynchronously. A MIDI Start message will “snap” the sequence back into the correct timing, but a MIDI Stop message will be ignored if the external MIDI clock is still running.

In both modes transport control is achieved by using Note On/Off messages. This not only allows you to easily determine when a sequence should start and stop, but also to transpose a sequence.
Please note that you can either activate option 1 or option 2. Once you enable one of these options, the other one will be automatically disabled.

Keep in mind that when you enable MIDI clock receive, the arpeggiator or sequencer won’t respond for as long as no MIDI clock signal is being received.

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