U.D.O. website design

Would you agree that the UDO website is not really designed for a desktop browser?
It does feel great on a smartphone, but on a regular screen, everything is just too big.
The landing page starts with full-screen footage of some rocks, some barely visible menu items on top of the video, and no useful information of any kind. You need to scroll the video up (why would anybody do that), to reveal, what should have been visible in the first place. I suppose if you know what you’re looking for, you’ll get there. For a less dedicated visitor, the website is rather discouraging.

I’ve just checked the website of Studio Foss and it’s mostly… “dots”.
And the website builder’s own website is… “not found”.

It’s an interesting point - what is the website for?

At this stage, I am guessing that most visitors do not own a UDO product and UDO is trying hard to differentiate the Super 6 from the myrid of other options out there. Studio Foss badge themselves as ‘conceptual’ and it looks to me like UDO is trying mostly to engage the imagination of the potential buyer / user and create deeper interest.

This is probably quite a different website requirement from one serving a long-established user base, with multiple products and for visitors (many of whom may already own or use the products) who are seeking information and services in a more focused and efficient way. (i.e. just need to check for the latest drivers / firmware and download them).

So, it’s probably not easy to design the website to meet both needs at this point and for a single, new product, the priority is probably to inspire, capture and engage with new, potential users. (Like me). :thinking:

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well, yes, UDO needs to show S6 is different.
IMO, the two unique and novel features are the binaural/stereo signal path and the FPGA audio engine (closer to analog sound than DSP). None of it is communicated by the landing page video.