Udo s6 with a rev2 16

Hi there,

I just placed an order on a S6 to add to my setup but I own a rev2 16 and im questioning if this is the right decision to have them as a pair. Anyone has this setup?


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I have those two exactly - a 16-voice Rev2 and the white/grey Super 6 keyboard. I think they compliment each other very well. The Rev2 is far better with complex modulation (stacked - 8 LFOs and 6 EGs), with simpler wave shapes and it’s filter sounds quite different… while the Super6 oscillators are much more complex, and the Binaural voicing makes it’s stereo image much bolder. Only having 2 LFOs and less routing options for modulation make it less versatile for complex and evolving sounds, but it is far more of a performance machine. Super 6 definitely has “less” features, but the features it has are unbelievably good. The two synths are on par in my opinion, and their designs are only separated by a difference of goals and priorities.
The only thing that would replace my Rev2 would be an Oberhiem variant… OB-Xa VCOs and VCF, with the same number of LFOs and EGs. And the Super 6… well, I don’t have the wallet for a Super Gemini. But if I had nothing and went on todays market and bought two synths in this price bracket… Super6/Rev2-16v would be what I’d get all over again.