UDO Super Gemini Questions

Does anyone from UDO know if the Super Gemini is round-robin or not, with regard to voices? Thanks!

@avery.moss.magic Gemini is round robin. The super 6 will be again also, the firmware we have been trialling for s6 already implements this. I personally really like the sticky algorithm, particularly for keys/ep patches, but I think on balance people have gotten used to round robin as the expected behaviour

@DDS please can you log battwave as a Gemini feature request in our system thanks (I can’t believe we’re all still referring to it as the Battwave). I think we should also consider for Super 6 as well that when using Battwave, the slowest arpeggio rate might reasonably be several octaves slower, as the complex waves have many harmonics, and these quickly end up in audio range even with modest fundamental lfo rate


Any considerations about allowing both S6 and SG users swap between behaviors in the patch settings? That would be awesome, because I like both behaviors for different things.

Configurations options were brought up here:

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Thank you! Very keen for dual layer batts! :bat:

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It would be AMAZING if voice style could be saved PER PATCH. Seriously, it would amazing - that way you could customize voice (round-robin vs not) without a power-off config option (putting it in the menu?), allowing perfect keys patches etc (I agree with you, George). @udo-audio @DDS

@udo-audio i have a Mission Engineering ep-25k exp pedal(25k pot) and VM Pro volume pedal, are these compatible with the Supe?

@Jonah the expression pedal yes but the active volume pedal maybe no as it’s not really designed for this sort of thing. Better to use an expression pedal for the volume pedal input on Gemini, or a passive volume pedal with a expression output. My favourite BOSS FV500

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Ok thank you, yeah just looking at that pedal right now, built like a tank!

Question regarding Direct Parameter Mappings in the Mod Matrix:

Page 86, Paragraph 3 of the manual says: “To create a direct parameter mapping, press and hold any of the eight modulation source buttons (1-8). To increase the potential of LFO 1, this method also applies to the button labelled LFO 1.”

This would seem to clearly indicate that LFO1 has been added as a Mod Source in the Matrix via button 9 (Labeled LFO1). This would be fantastic! But, I cannot get it to work. Was this an error in the manual? A feature yet to be implemented? Or, is there some other procedure (other than the obvious of holding button 9 and moving a panel parameter to lock a matrix assignment) which makes this work?

Again, having LFO1 as a source in the matrix would be huge, so I am hoping that I am missing something, or at the very least, it’s a feature on its way, that perhaps made it past editing the manual first version.

Thanks for any input…and hopefully UDO can chime in here?

Regarding Battwave: This would be a very valuable addition! Its sorely missing on the SG, from the S6 feature set.

Bump! UDO please answer?

The Battwave feature is on our list of feature requests for the Super Gemini.

Thanks for responding! But the question I was referring to is this one, quoted here. Please let us know if this is functioning, a mistake in the manual, forthcoming…?

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Apologies for the confusion. This is in fact an unintentional leftover from an early draft of the manual. LFO 1 cannot currently be assigned as a modulation source.

Thanks so much for confirming. Please consider following through with this feature in a future update…it would be an amazing enhancement to the Super Gemini, and secure its status as the UDO flagship synth, above the Super 6. I’m happy you folks were even considering this as a feature, so much as to put this in an early draft of the manual. Your aspiration for this feature was spot on! It would truly bring the SG to another level. Thank you again!


Just received my Super Gemini when I select “b” performance presets and select any of the letters/numbers they all seem empty is this normal?

Is it possible to set both layers to the same MIDI channel? I want to customize both layers and trigger them simultaneously via a sequencer in DUAL mode.

Yep that’s the way mine is so normal.