When is the new Firmware going to be released?

Thanks for the update George, interesting that we’re still not at v1.0, does this hint at more goodies to come? Very much looking forward to aftertouch being mapped to VCA level, my new Osmose awaits. Plus Mix as Mod destination is huge

@plas we learn as we go. Much came out of Gemini development that I may port back. “0.53” etc is just an arbitrary number and “1.0” contains many things that were never intended in the original instrument. I worked with an Osmose for the most recent firmware and we have a setup guide and I think a Hazel video showing how to use them together (she loves the combo) that is cued for release at the same time


Thank You for the update and response. The new firmware sounds incredible.

And I was just about to post some wild theories on some super tricky heisenbug blocking the release…

Nice to see something happening! Can’t wait to try the MIX modulation, I think that will be awesome for pads.

I totally understand the struggle, this is a very complicated embedded system for such a small team to handle.

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In my experience making patches, the only bummer is that LFO1 and Key # aren’t mod sources. Looking forward to the new noise tools. Go George and UDO— hope the Gemini is a success so us Sixers can reap the benefits >:)


I love the language in the notes

move VCA ENV LEVEL until you see the LED flourish

Very artistic :lotus:

It’s exciting to hear and see the new firmware. I’m just curious to hear from people who’ve been around for a while, I have seen Sunny Synth’s Super 6 editor software. (https://www.sunnysynths.com/udo-super-6)
I’m interested in it - to manage presets in particular. Before I buy it, has the manager software been ‘broken’ by new firmware until it is updated by Sunny Synths. (In which case I may be better waiting to either update the firmware or buy the software). I know there’s no way of being sure until everything’s settled, but if anyone remembers from previous updates, it’d be appreciated.

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LFO 1 might be complex, but I would love to see it. Key number as a mod source is the thing this synth lacks the most for me. I would love dial in the filter tracking more precisely, or have LFO 2 be slower in the lower octaves or have it modulate PWM or sync tune. It’d just be great fun and very practical for playing live music


Thank you for chiming in and posting this.
Looking good.
Wondering if there is any development on the “catch up” mode to avoid “parameter jumps” as per this feature request - "Catch up" mode support for Super 6? Feature idea/suggestion
Many thanks

I just want round robin voices, the rest is a bonus.


Lots of great improvements in the new firmware!

I was interested in this:

Aftertouch can be mapped to 100% VCA level in a linear manner
Useful for using the Super 6 with wind controllers or controllers
that use pressure to directly control note amplitude from 0
Try it:

  • Enter modulation assign mode by pressing MOD ASSIGN
  • Press and hold AT, and whilst holding, move VCA ENV LEVEL until
    you see the LED flourish
  • Rotate the encoder to adjust the VCA level modulation amount to

I’m exited to try this with my Linnstrument. But….

Does this mean other things will have deeper modulation on the VCA as well? And dare we hope for more modulation depth on other parameters? I love that the synth is “all sweet spot”…except when I want sour!

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Well, this is hopeful… and more tangible than anything we’ve seen in a long time. When will 1.0 (0.70?) be released?

Hi Ray, as soon as I’ll be aware of impacts on the editor, I will update/adapt it.
My main wish was to read what George mentioned above: now that the SG is out he is working back on the S6 FW.
He promised me a meeting to complete/answer my remaining questions on the s6 patch file so I can complete the Save function.
It is all written but I cannot propose a Save function that will not be reliable or miss parameters.
So I must wait for the confirmations from George.
I’ll send him an email to see if I can have that meeting soon :wink:


How’s the firmware coming along?

It is going but I’ve been training staff and carrying out compliance work recently so have been pulled away from where I want to be which is working in Super 6. We’ve just hired a brilliant engineer FT so he should be able to help me out a lot and get things moving faster than my usual glacial pace


Righteous! Congrats on the hire.

Any word on the new firmware release date? Excited for the features.

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No news about the much ‘promised’ update, we understand that it was beta tested late last year , then everything stopped to get the Gemini out and address any issues found by first users. UDO have stated that they are a very small team and the S6 update programming is very slow however they took on a new programmer late last year so let’s hope things now start moving forward and they don’t use all their energy on any new products until existing synths are fully stable and mature.


That is what I hope for too!


Excited about this new firmware update.
@udo-audio is there any chance this would include the “catch up mode” request?
…and the “boot into manual mode” feature?
Many thanks