When is the new Firmware going to be released?

I feel your pain on this. I played a gig recently where my S6 desktop lost control while being triggered with MIDI from Ableton. Decided to hold off on putting this back into the wild until a firmware update. Glad it’s coming soon and I hope it fixes these weird quirks. The S6 sounds incredible on stage.

I 1000% believe in these products and the people behind them. I think we have to remind ourselves how young this company is and how patient we have to be with them. Your patience is proven just by not selling after 2 years of your frustration.


I am in the same boat, I bought the synth when it first came out and have also been patient for the fixes. If I’m completely honest, if this round of firmware doesn’t iron out the MIDI bugs, this will probably be the last UDO product I spend my hard-earned money on. Small team/big team, whatever, I get it, but £2400 for a synth is a lot of money, make sure the thing works properly or at the very least prioritise fixing it before you fully commit to any other products. let us wait and see what the update brings.


Just letting you know the Beta group on this forum already have the new update and it’s a formality now to wait some time and apply any last minute fixes.

The keyboard upgrade kit for Super 6 relies on the new firmware as well and so we’ve been integrating this for some time while developing the Gemini.


Thank you for the updates and support for the Super 6. Do you have a changelog to share with us for version 1 of the firmware?
Have a great Superbooth!

Release_Notes_v0.55.txt (6.8 KB)


Stellar :slight_smile: Big thanks to the UDO team all for their hard work and commitment to improving (and enhancing) the Super 6!!!

MIX available as modulation destination


I can not wait to try the new firmware, it should really open up even more possibilities. Thanks to the team for their hard work

These are some great updates, especially finally fixing the vca mod bug and making mix a mod destination.

But based on past comments I’ve seen from the UDO team about how super Gemini development is making super 6 better and that features can be shared across the lineup, I was really hoping the dds1 wave morphing capability would come to super 6 as well.

Is there any chance we’ll get this on the super 6?


F! That’s good

Now this right here. This right here! =)

I highly doubt it. That might eat into sales for mama and papa. I’m going back to modular for wavetable morphing. Maybe the mix control modulation will suffice. Sine or triangle on one side and digital wave or complex wave on the other. Env → mod for dynamic harmonics. LFO 1 can track audiorate. Maybe there is a way we can mimick wavetable morphing. Curious if anyone has a workaround. Not interested in Super 8 or Gemini for layers, ring mod, or morphing. Super 6 has longer faders. That’s reason alone to stay put. Also, I have a Prophet 10 to layer, so not worried a bit. Only wish we had that ribbon controller. Can I has?


what an excellent list of featues and bug fixes/quality of life improvements!

A couple of ideas to ponder on a new firmware release… hope its okay to request/suggest here.

Arpeggiator Mode: Assign - repeat the notes back in the order they were played.
LFO2 extra waveforms - Waveform Selection similar to that of Super 8/Gemini. Triangle (Default), Square, Sawtooth, Reverse Sawtooth, S+H and Noise

Hope all is well with the team and lastly the Super 6 looks amazing in white and is so cute and compact and small compared to the beast and mega beast.

Cheers all,