UDO Super Gemini

yep much prefer it without the screen, sometimes it’s fun when you don’t know what’s going on. also like the spot on the top left blank, perfect spot for a pedal!

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Let the screen have an oscilloscope mode for the ones who don’t want to use it. Problem solved :man_shrugging:


Personally I think a small screen is better than lots of key combinations for features added post release. It also means patch names are possible along with a simpler way to see useful parameter values, set mod matrix entries, global features etc. It’s not a deal breaker though.

I’ve loved the lack of a screen on the Super 6, so far. It seems to really change one’s focus, for the better. There’s been times where I’ve looked for one, too, but the need seems to pass.

The first synth I ever played was an SH101. It was 1994 and we’d gone to a Club Dog at the George Robey. We went back to some DJ’s for a chill out and there it was. I’ve never relived that moment until 30 years later when I unboxed the Super 6 and turned it on.

A good compromise might be an official app. Everything’s accessible from the front panel but if you want easy street, fire up the app.


this! as well as for the S6


George and team - A big ol’ Super 6 iPad app designed by the legendary Studio Foss would be a MAJOR selling point.
And then UDO, you can hire me to come work on it with you :rofl:

I have to echo this. Axel and company know what’s best, but I really would have preferred something less stark.

Frankly, I’d only be disappointed by the orange faders if they don’t glow in the dark. I’ve seen watches with orange lume, I know it can be done.

Or maybe something like this?

The gemini seems to be a very solid synth but… maybe some little improvements like a little display to visualize the parameters values, patch rename and an oscilloscope mode could improve the working flow. Also one lush reverb to colmpete the basic fx section would not to be bad, and finally one tiny stretch of the ribbon controller to reach the entire fourth keyboard octave.

I dont’t think it will be possible due to the release date, but i’m sure that, from the demos i’ve heard, it’s going to be an amazing synth.


While we’re waiting… any feature on the Gemini that particularly drew your attention?

Now I am waiting nearly 3 years for the MIX as a mod destination (blend between DDS1 and DDS2). It did not happen until now. The Gemini has a different solution, which is the blending between two single cycle waveforms (analog or digital ones) on DDS1. What I heard from the Cuckoo video, it sounds nice and it could have some advantage compared to the MIX mod solution, because DDS2 never can produce SUPER waves. With the Gemini solution, we could blend the waveform when in SUPER mode as far as I understood.

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Yes DDS1 blending seems neat for creating more involved oscillator sounds. That demo in Cuckoo’s video stood out. Upon examining the Gemini panel I see little things added everywhere - LFO2 in particular has some expanded options.

Just saw that the manual is online:



Congratulations on getting this synth released.

ooh, some nice bedtime reading

(edit: eek, keyboard does not transmit polyphonic aftertouch, this might give me nightmares :wink: (not really, I’m just a weirdo very-lefthander and have a strange idea about learning to play the keyboard in the way that I believe might come most naturally to me, which would involve having high notes on the left/order inverted, and E where C is (to preserve the geometry) - I haven’t tested this it’s just an idea, I’ve enjoyed noodling around on piano when I was living with one, and loved getting into the zone with very simple pattern-based playing, but I’m not very experienced… Anyway, until the day comes for the machine to support keyboard mapping or some such, if it ever does, I was going to try to run a kind of ‘midi loopback’ so I could do all the weird differently abled stuff I can imagine with the help of some simple programming. Just waffling really, and please don’t worry about having a moaner on your hands, or anything like that, I’m very keen on enjoying things for what they are rather than what I imagine I might like them to be - I just like to play around is all!))

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Hi trond, just listened to some of your little super 6 experiments (Moods, I think, the thread) - very nice! I particularly enjoyed the very clean tramps banging around on gamelan dustbin lids. And the tangerine dreamies.

I just saw your old comment/question, above:

any feature on the Gemini that particularly drew your attention?

…and thought I would say that I was rather drawn by the whole package, including the passion of the designer, which really ‘sold’ it to me (especially as it was clearly ‘honesty’/what he actually felt, and not sales pitch/patter or anything like that). I love the performance-based orientation, with the dual controls right up there, and the general attention to detail and quality. I was looking at the super 6 desktop, while searching for ‘my’ MPE synth, and thought I’d found it until then this popped up. Somehow even on Youtube there was something about the sound that came through, too. “If you can make something simple sound good…” then we’re away!

Anyway, I can’t wait to meet ‘them’. Looking like it’s gonna be closer to Christmas, here in France.

Thanks! The performance aspect works really great in combination with sequencing. With amount of controls on Super Gemini you most probably need both hands free :slight_smile: Think delivery in my region is also closer to christmas.

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Error in the manual according to someone who contacted them about this.

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Error in the manual according to someone who contacted them about this.

Good news! I was thinking anyway so long as it send/receives channel-per-note in MPE it’ll still be more than my fingers can manage.

The performance aspect works really great in combination with sequencing.

Yes I’m looking forward to that, and it certainly came across in some of your pieces. There’s nothing like a good tweak!

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Well the manual says something like ‘reserved for future use’ when the MPE button is mentioned so I dont think you should assume MPE has been implemented in current firmware. SInce I have no Gemini myself I cannot say what the actual current MPE reality is.

Also, even when it is implemented, it might well be on a receive-only basis. I know the Hydrasynth has popularised the ability of poly aftertouch keybeds to work in an MPE-sending mode instead via an option (albeit a form of MPE that only has the pressure dimension not pitch and CC74), and the new Korg keyboard controller (that uses ASMs hydrasynth keybed) probably does the same, but other manufacturers wont necessarily follow this same path at all.

Hi SteveElbows, thanks yes, I shall try not to assume too much!

It looks like I’ll be waiting until the end of January now, according to latest email from Thomann.

Personally I’m most hopeful that the Super Gemini responds well to MPE - for so long as it sends poly aftertouch from the keyboard I can handle the rest, with it as a controller. With it as a receiver, well, there are many more possibilities with voice-per-channel behaviour, so I hope we get to play around with them!